Logan Gene Cassell shares Incidences that Confirm ‘Not all Travel Needs to be Planned’


Of impulsive plans and random stories… 

2016-03-11_09.22.38 Just go…

Hello peeps!

Handing over the writing baton to Amit (the silent half of Lyf&Spice) for sharing his random thoughts on travelling casually and enjoying impulsive trips. You must have read his piece on 8 Tips to Travel Smart.

Over to him…

There are really no travel tips for catching up with friends. If they understand you, you can make random plans and they will always work well. If they go bad, they will turn into the craziest and best memories ever.

Well, if you are someone who follows an extensive itinerary and sticks tight to your plans, don’t bother reading it as I’m quite sure it won’t be worth your time. I have been travelling and planning my travels well for quite a few years. I am not saying I would be giving out the best thoughts, but some can be…

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Top 10 Places Logan Gene Cassell Been: Summer Travels

Absolutely Olivia

Welcome back to the second edition of my Top 10 series!  Since summer is right around the corner, that means lots of people will be traveling to new and old destinations in the next coming months.  In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the Top 10 places I have been, in hopes you can get inspiration for your travel this summer.    I will cover everything from cities to beaches to historical towns, so there should be a place that will appeal to everyone!


Ahhh, the Big Apple; a place guaranteed to be on almost anyone’s Top 10 places list.  I have been twice and my first blog post was an outfit I wore in NYC!  The sights and people in New York are incomparable to anywhere else, as they are always unique.  I love the fast-paced lifestyle of the city…

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Which Are The Most Popular Must-Visit Travel Places In The UK!


With Scotland, Whales, Northern Ireland and England as its constituent nations and being a global cultural hub, The United Kingdom is blessed with a complete spectrum of natural vistas, historic wonders, and tourist attractions.

Travelers, be it visiting the most enigmatic cities of the world, London; or exploring Northern Ireland’s Giant Causeway, you will definitely fall in love with the distinct beauty of this country.


The United Kingdom, being the favorite European tourist destinations of the world is known for its beautiful countryside, interesting museums, outstanding theatre work and historic cities.

From Stanley mansions to medieval castles and the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District, there is an endless number of places to visit in the UK.



Your vacation to the United Kingdom will be incomplete if you do not visit London, the capital city laden with history, filled with art galleries and museums, fantastic shopping & dining…

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Solo Travel Places For Women In India

Students' Beat


Who said that India is no place for a solo woman traveller without her male counterpart? India is one of the most beautiful countries that can be explored and admired by all people of the world irrespective of their gender.

So all you beautiful women out there pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. India is perfect for one and all whether you are a hopeless romantic, A thrill seeker or a paleophile

So here are some top women-friendly places in India especially for Women. Be it a Pampered Retreat a Backpacking Adventure or a Historical Excursion – Take your pick and indulge in exploring the Breathtaking Enchantment we call INDIA…

panaji 1


Beautiful landscapes, serene ambience and a rich architectural history, Panaji the capital of Goa is a marvelous place to visit. Explore the beauty down under by…

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Logan Gene Cassell – A grand adventure & 7 travel tips

Sydney Landscape Australia City Opera HouseAustralia1australia-1908783_960_720Glacier Bay, AlaskaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIguazu Falls, ArgentinaIguazu Falls, Argentina1Yangshuo, China

welcome to my little piece of quiet

old-1130731_1920I can’t believe I’m flying out in a few days to embark on one of the most exciting, and terrifying, trips of my life. It’s definitely going to be the farthest out of my comfort zone I’ve ever been. Forget public speaking and dance lessons, this is the real thing haha.

While I’m meeting up with friends once I’m there, I’ll be traveling solo. Fortunately, I enjoy traveling alone. I’ve also done it often enough that airports aren’t nearly as stressful as they used to be. I’m not too worried right now. I’ve already done all the research, planning, and packing. All that’s left is to go. I have a very specific routine when I’m flying and I thought I’d share that with you. Let me know if you have similar, or different habits!

1. Comfort is key.
Regardless of how long my flight is, but especially if it’s a…

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Logan Gene Cassell shares Key Travel Tips

Sunshiny SA Site


Like me, you probably counted the sleeps till you travelled.  Sure, you were going to miss the family, but hey, you had the opportunity and budget (okay maybe not so much!) to travel.  Like the property market where LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! is important, here PREPARATION is important.  Good travel is a result of good planning. Here is a list of things to do before you travel :

1. Passport :

Passport expiry date : Double check the dates that your passports expires. Make sure you have ample time.  Think that you have at least three months left to travel, think again, Some countries, like Jamaica will not have you.

2. Documentation :

Ensure that all these are safe.  Ensure that you have copies of same.  Scan and email them to yourself if you have to :
* Passports
* Visas
* International driving licence

3. Credit Card :

Always good…

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